How do you get restaurant quality food at home that is full of flavor, made with your own love that will save you time and money? I set out to create something that would deliver big bold flavors that was made of all natural ingredients, and didn’t have artificial preservatives. I spent a year working on different recipes, testing and re-testing the flavors and after a lot of development, I’m proud of the result:


It’s the only thing you need to make food taste great.

-All natural ingredients

-Low in sodium

-Shelf stable

-Vegetarian and vegan friendly

-Hand crafted in small batches, to ensure high quality and taste.

THE SAUCE! can be added to ground meat, fish, veggies, or really just about anything. A 16 oz container will make 5 meals for 4 people. You can now save time, and save money by making delicious food at home that is full of flavor. You’ll impress your friends and family with the amazing flavors that you’ll create…and it’ll be our little secret.  :)

Shipping: Flat rate of $6.95. We use the USPS - so you can expect to get your delivery within 3-9 Business Days.

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